Ethics 220

  Week 6 Assignment – Case Study: Health Care EthicsIntroduction Read the following case study and respond to the question below. 26-year-old jet pilot and sometime rodeo performer Donald Cowart was standing in a field with his father when there was a violent explosion caused by leaking gas. The explosion killed his father and sent … Read more

Show you care

Develop, in detail,  a situation in which a health care worker might be confronted with ethical problems related to patients and prescription drug use OR patients in a state of poverty. Your scenario must be original to you and this assignment. It cannot be from the discussion boards in this class or any other previous … Read more

Cognitive Restructuring

250words read the following chapters from your An Introduction to Group Work Practice  textbook: Chapter 10, “Treatment Groups: Specialized Methods,” pages 295–335. Chapter 11, “Task Groups: Foundation Methods,” pages 336–362. Chapter 12, “Task Groups: Specialized Methods,” pages 364–394. According to your An Introduction to Group Work Practice text, what is cognitive restructuring?


I need the following questions answered in 150 words each. S.M.A.R.T. Learning Objectives One of the aspects we will cover during this week’s discussion is writing/developing learning objectives. This is a vital initial step to complete during the planning and design phase of developing a training program. Once you have the learning objective you can … Read more


Financial Portfolio Project: Part 4 Assessment Description The purpose of this assignment is to determine how different credit scores will impact a purchase. Think about how Jamie Lee Jackson’s scenario, located in Connect, applies to your daily life. Try a website such as or other similar websites to view interest rates. Write a 200-300-word … Read more

Process Recording #4

 Students are required to complete four process recordings during the semester. This learning tool requires the student to critique an interview with a client by identifying and analyzing thoughts and emotional reactions/responses to the encounter with the client. Social work values and standards are applied as a guideline for this analysis. The Walsh (2002) reading … Read more


  This assignment is your opportunity to design an evidence-supported therapy group that demonstrates comprehension of the elements of group leadership, group development, and group process that have been reviewed throughout the semester.  Students will create a proposal of a group curriculum that could be implemented in a current practicum agency or the agency where … Read more