Genetic Theories

1. Choose one of the genetic theories in Chapter 2 and briefly summarize.  2. Read the NCBI Chapter on Etiology – to an external site. and explain how this supplemented your knowledge of the etiology of substance use beyond Chapter 4 of our textbook.  

Substance abuse

  Explain the characteristics and complexities associated with assessment and treatment of co-occurring disorders.  Describe challenges associated with the case of Elena.  If you were creating a 30-day treatment plan for Elena, identify two short-term goals based on challenges that Elena is facing. Include an action step that you would include in her treatment plan.  … Read more


Substance Abuse is the topic the outline must completed just like to example  For this assignment, create a detailed outline for your research paper. Your outline should include your research topic, your paper’s significant ideas, and supporting ideas. Additional Resources  Outline Example ( Sample #3) (Links to an external site.) How to Write an Outline (Links to … Read more

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Research Assignment – Part Two In this course, you will be assigned a research assignment on a health-related topic of your choice. Be sure to review the research assignment guidelines included in Module 7. The research assignment will be broken into three parts. This module will focus on part two of the assignment. For this … Read more