Database that stores information about disease epidemics and treatment option

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIC PLAN PROJECTOVERVIEWThe final group project is the creation of an IT Strategic Plan document and presentation. The project is divided in 4 milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the Residency weekend to scaffold learning and to ensure quality final submissions. Attendance is required during Residency weekend in order to … Read more

Unit VII Project

Instructions Sheena’s Backyard Plant Sales As you should recall from Unit III and Unit V, Sheena grows three types of plants: desert rose, plumeria, and oleander. She sells her plants in her backyard and has hired your company to create a system for her to use in order to manage her business. For the desert … Read more


Read the “Security Guide One-Stop Shopping” case study in Chapter 7 of the textbook. Research and choose a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider (e.g., Infor, SAP, Oracle) that best aligns with PRIDE Systems from the case study. Write a 750 word paper that includes the following: A description of the security measures the solution … Read more

wk 3

Read the three categories of cloud-based services offerings and the “Falcon Security” case study in Chapter 6 in the textbook. Identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with cloud computing, and the definitions of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as service (SaaS), as described throughout the case.   Write … Read more


  Instructions In this final assignment, you will develop a paper that reviews some of the main topics covered in the course.  address the following: Identify the components of an information system using the five-component framework and provide a brief summary of each. Explain Porter’s five forces model. Management information systems incorporate software and hardware … Read more

Unit 4 ISM

  Instructions Scenario: A company called Colony Nursery and Landscaping opened a new store located a few hundred miles away from its original location. The company wants to implement an award system that awards their customers with points whenever the customer makes a purchase, but the two stores are not able to share information. Colony … Read more

Unit 1 ISM

Instructions In this unit, you have learned about what management information systems (MIS) is and the importance of it. For this assignment, discusses the key differences between data, information, information technology, and information systems.

A SOC is Not a NOC

Looking at the different layers of network infrastructure provides many opportunities to recognize vulnerabilities, select and deploy countermeasures, and monitor ongoing operations. A business’s network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC) work collaboratively to effectively manage and protect a business’s information and infrastructure. Q: Discuss some of the different tools, technologies, and/or processes … Read more