Informative speech

Informative Speech #3 Your third speech will be your opportunity to instruct or educate on  one topic that is important to you.  NOTE:  Your informative and  persuasive speech (Week 4) can be a similar topic with a different  execution.   Attached is the Assignment PDF. Week 3 Informative Speech #3.pdf Please note that this 5-7 minute … Read more

Trauma and Loss

  WEEK 9 RIVERA FAMILY CASE STUDY PART II Build upon your case presentation for the Rivera Family Case Study in the Week 6 assignment. The readings and resources from the prior weeks will support you as you assess, identify, and diagnose grief and loss. Assignment Instructions Build upon your case presentation from Week 6. … Read more

Addiction treatment Plan

  Use the Week 9 Assignment Template [DOC] to create your treatment plan and address the following: Identify a specific systemic theory that will guide interventions to work with the client and family system. Analyze the cultural considerations for the case and how the theory will guide multicultural appropriate application. Based upon the assessment summary, … Read more

Unit 7.1 Discussion: Reactions to Survivors

  Imagine you are having a conversation with a friend who makes one of two comments: “I just don’t understand why women stay in an abusive relationship.” OR “I don’t understand why someone would not report being sexually assaulted/raped.” Select one scenario and discuss how you would explain the victim/survivor experience to this friend based … Read more


   the characteristics of ex post facto research. Compare and contrast ex post facto research with quasi-experimental design. the strengths and weaknesses of ex post facto research.


 Your new neighbor seemed like a very “nice guy” until you got to know him better. Often, he has borrowed money from you for an “emergency”  but never repays you. Whenever your friends come by, he shows up at your place and makes conversations about him no matter the topic. He makes a great first … Read more


Use the legal status of abortion in the Dominican Republic to assess the contrast between moral relativism and utilitarianism. Consider the following questions: Would a cultural relativist agree with the activists who want to reform abortion laws in the Dominican republic? How does the theory of cultural relativism approach the problem of cultural differences and … Read more

Leadership theories

  describe two leadership theories that resonate most with you. Explain their appeal to you.Analyze the similarities and differences of these two leadership theories.Conclude your  by articulating the insights you had and new conclusions you reached about leadership based on your comparison of the two theories.


  Pick another one of the questions/tasks that you would like to address as part of your final project and explain how the concepts you have learned apply to the cultural or ethnic group you have chosen for your project.