Consultation Agreements and Contracting

For your Week 2 IP, you will add a consultation agreement to your Key Assignment. Select an organization, and develop a consultation agreement. Be sure to address issues related to serving as a consultant within that organization. Include the following sections in the consultation agreement that you design: Your scope of practice How you will … Read more


How realistic is the body shape of dolls that children play with, such as Barbie? Do you think that Mattel Toys has gone far enough making strides to diversify Barbie’s looks? What other kinds of dolls do you see that might promote unhealthy body images?

Psychology homework help

Need assistance with a discussion question. Consent, Confidentiality, and Privileged Communication can be tricky concepts in the profession of counseling particularly when working with minors. FIRST, define each term. SECOND, review the two vignettes below address points A and B below. I expect you all to have healthy debate around these issues.  You may need … Read more

Pyschologgy homework help

I need assistance with an article review.The weekly readings are Self Injury and Confidentiality.The article review should be written on the article titled Issues of Confidentiality and Potential Disability Discrimination in Behavior Intervention Team Responses to College Student Suicidality. The attachement titled article review are the instructions for the review.If there are any questions prior … Read more


  Conduct an interview with an older relative. See attached guideline and ask if you have questions.  This is preparation for your Week 4 assignment. You do not have to turn in the assignment.

Individual and Group Motivation

 Employees are uniquely individual. This uniqueness makes them valuable because in that individual approach to work, each employee brings personality, history, culture, values, creativity, innovation, and other personal characteristics to the team. It also makes managing and leading employees challenging. Also, employee morale and motivation are essential attributes of successful organizations. Employees who are not … Read more