Bonus Psych

These videos are a great preview to applying for graduate school. Watch both and post your take-aways. Your response should be 12-15 sentences long and include a description of the GRE. Pay attention to your paragraph formation, orthography, grammar, spelling, and punctuation; Proofread your work!

Mental Health

 In a review of the content and material related to a psychiatric mental health assessment interview, what components were surprising  for you or different from your previous nursing experience intake information? 

DB 2 525

  How might an infant’s temperament be related to the way in which attachment is classified? Are some temperament characterizations more likely to show up in infants in certain attachment categories? Explain.Explain.


  answers to the following questions:  How might potential reactions to an adolescent’s questioning of their sexual identity or gender role impact their social environment, behavior, and self-esteem?  As a social worker, what role can you play in assuring the best outcomes for these adolescents? Please use the Learning Resources to support your analysis.

PSYC 565 Article Review

 Books used:  Gluck, Mercado, & Myers (2020). Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior (4th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishing. ISBN: 9781319107383.  Read: Gluck, Mercado, & Myers: Chapters 5 – 6 Read: Assessment of the Rescorla-Wagner Model Links to an external site.


 Used  Kirkpatrick, L. A. (2016). Simple Guide to IBM SPSS – version 23.0 (14th ed.). Wadsworth, Inc.    Jackson. (2018). Custom MindTap Reader, Instant Access for Jackson, Research Methods and Statistics, 5th edition. 

Discussion Thread: Ethical Dilemma in Research

 Please read below and the attachment carefully. For each reply, respond as if you were the research advisor for the graduate student seeking advice. Make sure to include all the following components: Did the graduate student adequately justify two ethically viable responses to the dilemma? If not, what is missing? Select the solution you feel … Read more


  Question 1: I want you to think about culture and self-concept. How has your culture affected your self-concept? Within that same culture you just described, are some people more individualistic than others? Are people more collectivistic in some situations than in others? Question 2: What biblical principle(s) apply in the above scenario?  

Psy Life Span W4D5

What is sensory processing disorder?  Describe and discuss the symptoms. How does this relate to autism? There is a great deal of discussion about the cause of autism. post your insights and findings. Along with your textbook, use the following article and video

Education/ RE 550

Develop an annotated bibliography of books, videos, and websites that would help children share their feelings or build self-esteem. Your bibliography should be based on or related to some of the topics discussed in the chapter (resiliency, stereotypes, exceptionalities, differences, poverty, etc…). Also, prepare a list of activities that might accompany the books. Minimum of … Read more