Module 8&9

Select a real B-2-B firm (not named Rexel)…then, answer these three questions: (1) What do you think is the profile of someone that would be successful in sales for this company?  List 5-6 key characteristics that would be important for successful to have when selling for this company and add one or two sentences as … Read more

question 3

Wilson’s makes some major changes to the way the characters in the story are described, and also changes a number of descriptive details – and while it follows the general plot structure of Aesop’s fable, it makes a couple of major changes. Which of these differences stand out most to you? How and why do … Read more

business & finance homework

CASE STUDY TOMMY HILFIGER 1. Discuss the applicability of each international marketing orientation (as outlined in your text) to Hilfiger’s global operations 2. How might the global recession such as the one in 2008 impact Hilfiger’s global operations? 3. what are the major competitive advantages that Hilfiger has? 4. As CEO of Hilfiger, discuss the … Read more

Business Law

As of this week, you would have studied sixteen chapters of business law, covering such area as: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Dynamic Business Law The U.S. Legal System and Alternative Dispute Resolution Constitutional Law Criminal Law and Business Tort Law Real, Personal & Intellectual Property The Law of Contracts & Agreements Secured Transactions … Read more

assign 5

  Why is it important to create a classroom environment where students can learn without the fear of discrimination? Have you ever felt discriminated against in a classroom setting by a teacher or by a classmate? Did that impact your ability to be successful in that class? Have you ever observed either overt or inadvertent … Read more

Marketing Business

It is no longer acceptable for businesses to disregard issues related to ethics and social responsibility. Conduct research and briefly describe what your organization is doing now with regard to corporate social responsibility and pursuing sustainable business practices. Think broadly about what to consider: philanthropy, energy conservation, sustainable supply chains, reducing carbon footprint, fair trade, … Read more

Business Immersion Week (1) One ECTS

In order to obtain the two ECTS, you will be required to: Attend four guest lectures from the Agenda attached and complete a comparative report on all four, according to the instructions provided on the event site. (Guest Speaker 1) (Guest Speaker 2) (Guest Speaker 3) (Guest Speaker 4)