Module 1-2 capstone

Hi all, I need help with the attached files.  Details contained in both.  One is a higher level overview of the ask, the other is a more specific outline. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks in advance! 

Balanced Scorecard Template

Strategic objectives are a measure of attaining your vision and mission. They reflect the vision, mission, and values of the organization, and the outcomes of the internal and external environmental analysis.  This week, you will determine the objectives and metrics now that you have completed your SWOT analysis in preparation for the project plan you … Read more

Business Finance – Operations Management Assignment 3 – CX – GenAI

Albright Cancer Centers (ACC) provide comprehensive care to cancer patients.  ACC integrates traditional medical treatments with therapies focused on enhancing patients’ physical and mental well-being to empower patients throughout their treatment journey.   ACC is experiencing technical failures in the customer service system that are impacting the experience of patients and their families, and creating … Read more

Case Study

Using the attached case study answer the following:  What competitive advantages underlie the success of IMAX. Are these sustainable? What motivates IMAX to expand internationally into emerging economies, such as the BRIC countries? How would you evaluate IMAX’s international expansion to date? If 400 of the remining 1,550 screens are to be allocated to the … Read more

Discussion Post

Using the company : University Of Miami (UHealth) Reflect on these points using Porter’s Generic Strategies Framework to guide your thoughts. Porter’s framework consists of three main strategies: Cost Leadership, Differentiation, and Focus. How do these strategies apply to your company’s Internet activities? What additional strategic opportunities could be explored? For this activity: Three things … Read more

Case Study

Using the attached case study answer the following: As of 2016, how well had Axel Springer turned disruptive technological change into sustainable change within its core German market? What are the three most important things that Axel Springer did to crate sustainable digital change? How should Axel Springer ensure that it stays ahead of future … Read more

SWOT Analysis and Summary

 Using the same organization that you selected in Week 1, review its corporate website and at least 2 other sources of information on the organization, including information on market trends. Review your chosen organization in the Case Studies folder, as needed.  


  Instructions Answer the following questions on a separate document. Explain how you reached the answer or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the assignment link. Assume that as of today, the annualized interest rate on a three-year security is 8 percent, while the annualized interest … Read more

DB 7

 Research and discuss the role of management in business and how management and ownership differs. Research and discuss social responsibility. Remember to identify your sources by name and explain why each one has expertise regarding the topic. Discuss your sources as part of your discussion of the topics. Please use well respected business sources for … Read more

Marketing branding

There are three discussion topics. Choose any two topics. Post your main topic responses by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Saturday. Make value-added reply posts to at least two of classmates by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Tuesday.  A minimum of two reply posts is required, but three or more value-added replies to classmate threads may earn maximum credit.   Respond to each topic as a separate thread, and label … Read more