Information Systems

Can someone please assist me with this: Using the Internet, find two competing companies and identify their core competencies. Research the companies you have selected; list what steps they could take to improve and strengthen their core competencies to increase their current market share.  

Week #3 Study Questions

  Using Case 11.1, diagram your responses as a SWOT analysis using the following questions: What are the key opportunities that Olympic status brings to the ARU? How can the ARU leverage its strengths to take advantage of these opportunities? How might Olympic status be viewed as a threat by ARU? What weaknesses does the ARU … Read more

SWOT or Not?

 Think back to the article, Are Your Company’s Strengths Really Weaknesses? Think specifically about the SWOT analysis, and consider how it may or may not be used within a marketing related role in a health care organization. Then, answer the following: How could SWOT analysis be used in health care marketing? Explain your answer and … Read more


  You have been told the HR Director is pleased with the work you have completed for the organization and would like to take your contribution to the next level. She would like you to review several strategic reports on the organization and provide feedback on how you think Southwest HR should move forward. Compile … Read more


 Use the SWOT framework and create a SWOT analysis for a favorite company. What challenged you with creating the SWOT? What jumped out to you as something this company would find valuable by doing a SWOT analysis?