Can someone help please

 Can some “help” with this written assignment portion of a project? All the instructions are on the template and please provide scholarly journal articles and please contact me of you have any questions . 


Discussion Board Post:  After reading topic of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) , pick one topic and relate it to today’s current society.  The Reading Resource you will read for the topic: 1. Make a post explaining a topic of interest to you in relationship to today’s society.  You may compare or … Read more

Discussion post – Let’s Discuss Heart Disease!

 Let’s Discuss Heart Disease! Using your textbook and some additional resources, do some research on heart disease (also referred to as cardiovascular disease) and share your knowledge with your classmates through this discussion session. As you compose your thread, make sure to address the following topics: Give a detailed definition of heart disease. List two … Read more


  Homeostasis Please explain and discuss the physiology of a faster heart rate with a reduced blood volume and how it relates to homeostasis and feedback mechanisms. 1. Your original post must have a clear understanding of the topic and should be a minimum of 1 paragraph with at least 5 sentences

COVID-19 pandemic

   This application exercise MUST apply content presented in UNIT 1(lecture1-4) of the course, no exceptions! The goal of each application exercise is to consider how course content from the respective unit can be applied to any public health crisis or challenge, past or present, in order to inform our understanding of it. You could … Read more


   textbook, and the DSM-5, as needed to support your understanding. Schizophrenia Ashton is a 21-year-old single Caucasian male who is a college student at the local university. Ashton wore unmatched clothes and had a strong body odor, his shirts had armpit stains and looked like they had been worn several times without being washed. … Read more

Respiratory Tract Discussion x2

Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion. RESPIRATORY TRACT, VENTILATION, GAS EXCHANGE AND TRANSPORT. Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: What are the overall functions of the respiratory system? Name the principal organs of the upper and lower respiratory system. What is meant by the term Bronchial Tree? How many lobes are in the right … Read more

Anatomy and Physiology Discussion 4,5,6

  Discussion 4 88 unread replies.3535 replies. UNIT 4: TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE. CHAPTER 27. BLOOD Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following: Name the fluid portion of the whole blood. What constitutes the formed elements of blood? List the granulocytic and a granulocytic   leucocyte. Discuss the destruction of red blood cells in … Read more