Health Policy

In collaboration with healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and consumer groups, we are working to help ensure that everyone in America receives the right care at the right price and improve overall health outcomes nationwide. This requires a commitment to equity to ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Rights & Vaccines

   School board trustees are requesting public comment before they vote on a vaccination policy for all children in a local school district. Should individual rights (e.g., parents’ rights to decide whether to vaccinate their children) be compromised to control the spread of communicable diseases for the good of society? 

Health policy

Discussion in the Current Hot Topic session demonstrates comprehension of health policy and politics in nursing as evidenced by responses that are insightful, analytical and promote an engaging classroom environment.

Health policy help

An advocacy letter is a way to influence the ideas and views of legislators or decision makers within an organization. It allows the writer to maintain contact with the legislator or decision maker, to keep the issue high on the priority list when the writer cannot meet with them personally.


  During our class introductions, I asked you to share your professional goals and which population(s)/social issues you are most passionate about. Please briefly remind the class about your goals/interests and then answer the following question: How will knowledge of policy analysis tools be beneficial for your future work and the changes you hope to … Read more

Edu 560 week 7 discussion

Chapter 7 of our text, Today’s Guide to Educational Policy: Pandemics, Disasters, Nationalism, Religion, and Global Politicspresents The Problem. After reading the scenario, discuss how you would solve this issue. Respond to this week’s discussion according to your focus, K-12 or Higher Education. K–12: If you are in the K-12 track, imagine that you are … Read more

Edu 560 religion and public policy

Depending on your focus, K-12 or Higher Education, select one of the Supreme Court cases listed below. Discuss the main points of the case, connecting it to one of the U.S. Department of Education Guidelines for School Prayer and Religious Study found in our text, Today’s Guide to Educational Policy: Pandemics, Disasters, Nationalism, Religion, and … Read more

Mobilizing Evidence: Reflections on Policy Sociology

Using the article attached answer each question separately. 1. What were your thoughts about Lise’s descriptions of Policy Sociology? How do you think Lise’s arguments provide additional information to the Banton (2016) and Shahidullah (1998) articles? 2.Neither of the recommendations Lize made while working for OPPAGA were accepted by the legislatures and acted upon. However, … Read more