policy, nursing

 select a professional nursing organization of interest. analyze the organizational mission, vision/philosophy, theoretical framework, and political activism of the chosen organization. identify and discuss the organization’s impact on current political issue(s) and nursing practice.  

Week 5 – Monitoring Policy Outcomes

  In reference to policy outcomes and choice, discuss how you would defend hands-free cell phone usage while driving. Also contribute your initial research impressions on this topic by providing data from a state on safety/citation records. See Distracted DrivingLinks to an external site. to assist in your research.


 Explain a workplace situation at your place of employment, either with peers, administrators, or the facility, that made you uncomfortable. Identify potential policies a professional nurse might introduce/implement that would improve the situation; they may be institutional, local, state, federal, or organizational statements (such as the ANA). Would the application of some form of technology … Read more

Week 3 public policy

  Provide a real public policy issue (local, state, or national) and select an appropriate criterion for policy prescription to use in deciding the policy’s effectiveness, efficiency, and adequacy. Provide some reasons why you selected the criterion (such as importance, application, or relevancy).

Week 2 discussion-policy

Please respond to the following: Define a policy argument or claim that is specific and evaluative. Topics may include crime, global warming, unemployment, whistleblowing, and others. Discuss the benefits of structuring arguments before and while developing written documents.

Health Policy

In collaboration with healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and consumer groups, we are working to help ensure that everyone in America receives the right care at the right price and improve overall health outcomes nationwide. This requires a commitment to equity to ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Rights & Vaccines

   School board trustees are requesting public comment before they vote on a vaccination policy for all children in a local school district. Should individual rights (e.g., parents’ rights to decide whether to vaccinate their children) be compromised to control the spread of communicable diseases for the good of society? 

Health policy

Discussion in the Current Hot Topic session demonstrates comprehension of health policy and politics in nursing as evidenced by responses that are insightful, analytical and promote an engaging classroom environment.

Health policy help

An advocacy letter is a way to influence the ideas and views of legislators or decision makers within an organization. It allows the writer to maintain contact with the legislator or decision maker, to keep the issue high on the priority list when the writer cannot meet with them personally.