Pricing Strategies Assume you are the marketing manager for a local cable company. You have some direct competitors including AT&T U-verse and the Dish Network. Using the six steps outlined in your textbook for setting a pricing policy, prepare a report for your Vice President on your suggested pricing strategy for your service. Be sure … Read more

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This week we explored transfer pricing issues and learned the use and mis-use of transfer pricing.  Use the Internet to research how large tech firms (Apple, Microsoft, Meta…) use and manipulate transfer price and report your findings here.

Pricing the “Line-Up”

 Identify a company that produces a product mix comprised of at least three different brands or models. A common example might be Apple cellphone line-up (comprised of the iPhone XS, iPhoneXR, iPhoneX, iPhone 8, and so on).  Research the company’s product mix price points and discuss the pricing strategy. How does the pricing compare to … Read more


  explain the relationship between customer value-based pricing orientation and the design-to-value product design concept we discussed in Module 5. How do both concepts inform marketing strategy? 500 words. Remember to cite your sources using APA format. 

Analyze the Influence of culture on pricing and consumer behavior. Analyze the role of technology in global pricing.

 Successful marketing requires marketing leaders to align geopolitical and cultural values. Leaders in a global environment need to understand the diverse ethical values and norms in cross-cultural markets. Marketing decisions need to be aligned with what is perceived to be ethical and moral in the market. Marketing leaders also need to understand global pricing strategies … Read more

Pricing strategies

A number of factors contribute to the pricing strategies for a product. Considering the segments in the simulation, what pricing strategy would be most effective considering both the market’s needs and the product life cycle? As the product moves through the life cycle, how should the pricing strategy change?

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Submit your written answers to the following questions by End of Day, Apr 27. Your submission should be 2-3 pages double spaced.  1. What was the most interesting learning you experienced in Chapter 17 and why? 2. What was the most interesting learning you experienced in Chapter 18 and why? 3. What was the most interesting learning you experienced in … Read more