Strategic Thinking, Tactical Strategies, and Competitive Advantage

1. Why is strategic planning necessary? Why do organizations engage in the strategic planning process? 2. From your readings, what are your thoughts about the ACHE’s strategic plan development process? Does it represent best practices, based on your textbook? Can you envision using a similar process within a general health care setting? Why or why … Read more


Please respond to the two following discussion posts Post 1   Strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals                A portfolio is a visual representation of the individual, their experience, strengths, abilities, and skills. A portfolio should also provide evidence of how an individual has developed both personally and professionally … Read more

Effective Report Strategies

 Your textbook addresses several types of reports.  Share three types and describe what differentiates them from one another. What do you see as the major challenges involved with creating each of these reports?  What suggestions do you have for overcoming these challenges? 

Backup strategies

 Assume you are a security professional. You are determining which of the following backup strategies will provide the best protection against data loss, whether from disk failure or natural disaster: Daily full server backups with hourly incremental backups Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) with periodic full backups Replicated databases and folders on high-availability alternate … Read more

MGMT455 unit 3 DB

300-500 words  Strategic evaluation of a company requires managers to consider the reasons why one company has a competitive advantage over another. When managers make decisions to compete, they also need to reflect on ethical implications. Competitive advantage can be created when information technology is used to collect and interpret data. Read the following article:  … Read more

Applying Strategies

   500 words on strategies that can be used to help students develop their skills in applying the elements of writing process. Discuss the following within Describe the “POW + TREE” strategies       Describe the “STOP and DARE” strategies Describe a third research-based strategy of your choice that is appropriate for a 5th grader. · … Read more

Pricing strategies

A number of factors contribute to the pricing strategies for a product. Considering the segments in the simulation, what pricing strategy would be most effective considering both the market’s needs and the product life cycle? As the product moves through the life cycle, how should the pricing strategy change?