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   1. Could Virtual Reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) replace the managers role in development and career planning? Explain 2. Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover and discuss how each of these forms of turnover can be leveraged for competitive advantage. 3. There are some states that are “Employee at Will” states. You have … Read more


  Strayer University is moving to a new HR or payroll system that is sponsored by a firm called You have been asked to oversee the stakeholder management aspects of this project. Identify some of the key stakeholders at Strayer, and describe how you plan to keep them engaged during your year-long project. Be … Read more


   Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource, and staffing strategies? When considering the components of strategic staffing, what is Atlas doing well with regard to staffing strategically? What could they do better? What would you suggest Atlas do to further enhance the alignment between its … Read more


Option #2: Learning Materials Choose two of the historical resources (not the articles defining technological determinism & social constructivism) from the Required Learning Materials that interest you and then do the following:  Put full citations for both of the resources in MLA format at the top of your post.  For each resource, explain whether it takes the approach of … Read more


  You have been hired to oversee the decentralization of your client’s human resources function in which corporate functions will be relocated to each regional office. Your boss wants you to start the project immediately, but you are insisting that a project charter be established first. Explain to your boss the importance of a project … Read more

week 5 discussion 1

 Throughout the course we  delved into health information technology and information governance. We know that information governance is a subset of corporate governance and encompasses a wide range of key concepts from a wide range of disciplines. Information governance is the model where stakeholders ensure the investments in information technology create business value and contribute … Read more

final poject

  Select a department related to your future profession and create a department strategic plan. The plan should include: Provide a brief description of the department. Identify a healthcare organization’s strategic plan in your state. Align your department’s mission, vision, strategic objectives, and key initiatives to the healthcare organization’s strategic plan. Analyze external factors that … Read more