Edu 501 week 7 discussion

Select two learning and study strategies that you would use to support learners. Discuss why you selected the two strategies and include a description of each strategy. Which of the factors that you listed do you think is the most important? Why?

Strategic Management

 With competition and technological advances occurring in the auto industry, why is it important to develop a strategic management plan?  Be specific and detailed in answer. Based on the two articles discussing strategy, should an auto organization choose an intended, emergent,  and/or realized strategy(ies)?  Explain why you chose these in details.

week 8 discussion edu 575

Discuss how you would begin the planning process for a strategic plan to improve a program. Depending on your focus, K-12 or higher education, use the scenarios from Chapter 4 (K-12: Scenario 7, “The Tardy Policy Killed Kato.”)  to discuss how you would approach strategic planning given the scenario.

Strategic Thinking, Tactical Strategies, and Competitive Advantage

1. Why is strategic planning necessary? Why do organizations engage in the strategic planning process? 2. From your readings, what are your thoughts about the ACHE’s strategic plan development process? Does it represent best practices, based on your textbook? Can you envision using a similar process within a general health care setting? Why or why … Read more

22 hour deadline

Please used the attached file as your resource and: 1.  Develop an operating budget to fund the strategic plan. Indicate the resources required and their cost. 2.  Indicate how the plan will be monitored and evaluated.   3.  Determine how the plan will be communicated to internal and external parties.

Project 2: Tool Analysis

Instructions Purpose This project is the second of four projects. It also represents the second part of the external environmental analysis part of a strategic management plan. You will use the tools and apply concepts learned in this and previous business courses to demonstrate an understanding of how organizations develop and manage strategies to establish, … Read more

TOWS Matrix Analysis and Strategic Plan

  An essential element in evaluating a health care organization’s overall strategy entails examining the company’s resources and competitive capabilities. Are they sufficient to allow the organization to pursue the best market opportunities, while minimizing external threats? The most widely used tool in conducting this evaluation is a TOWS matrix. A well-executed TOWS analysis provides … Read more

Strategic management

Each student will select a company or an organization for his/her paper. Students have written interesting papers about non-profits or civic organizations. However, choosing a profit-seeking business is the best path. Research the organization For major companies, seek relevant articles in magazines and/or newspapers. If you choose to write about a small business, interview the … Read more