Module 8&9

Select a real B-2-B firm (not named Rexel)…then, answer these three questions: (1) What do you think is the profile of someone that would be successful in sales for this company?  List 5-6 key characteristics that would be important for successful to have when selling for this company and add one or two sentences as … Read more


  In Johnson (2019), read one of the following Case Studies, (then address the prompts below): -Case Study 10.1: “Boosting the Cost of the EpiPen: Price Gouging or Good Business?” -Case Study 11.3: “The Public Benefit Corporation and Profit-With-Purpose Businesses Address the following: • Identify the ethical issue or issues presented in the case. • … Read more


 The development of diseases or the state of wellness and health are influenced by social, economic, environmental, and demographic factors of a population. As such, population statistics play a major role in determining the health status of a community or the distribution of diseases within that community. You are the public health officer or health … Read more

case study

 TOMMY HILFIGER 1. Discuss the applicability of each international marketing orientation (as outlined in your text) to Hilfiger’s global operations. 2.  How might the global recession such as the one in 2008 impact Hilfiger’s global operations? 3.  What are the major competitive advantages that Hilfiger has? 4.  As CEO of Hilfiger, discuss the economic considerations, … Read more


 TOPIC 1: Emerging Technologies PROMPT:  In your readings this week you will learn about some existing and emerging technologies and how they can be used to improve marketing and the customer experience.  Choose one of the following technologies:   Artificial intelligence Chatbot  Extended reality Voice marketing   Visit ANA Marketing Futures (For this topic, you will have to create an account to view … Read more

Week 10

 Discuss the motives of why C-Suite executives would commit fraud and how understanding the motive for fraud can assist an auditor in the analysis of financial statements. Determine if government regulations such as SOX and PCAOB are effective in reducing unethical behavior of corporate executives, and if additional organizational controls could be applied to expose … Read more

Case 10.32

Review Case 10.32 in your textbook. Using the questions provided as a guide, discuss your suggested strategy(ies) for improving ROI and the steps that the company would have to implement to obtain the desired result(s).