System Designs

  A final report which describes and documents your analysis and design efforts of the proposed solution. Your report must include at a minimum A brief description of the problem, functionality of your proposed information system solution, and the business benefits gained by implementing it.  Artifacts such as use case diagrams, activity diagrams, context level … Read more

People and Organization

A 3,000-word analytical and critical review of a ‘project’ based on the knowledge learned throughout MANG6311. For the review, you need to select and review a national ‘project’ from your own country (e.g. restructuring a major bank or an education system, mechanizing the agriculture system, or digitizing the health system). The project should have been … Read more

Write a 3-4 pages APA Formatted Paper, with Summary and references

Q1. How can software assist in procuring goods and services?  Q2. What is e-procurement software? When is it used? What are the top 5 industries using e-procurement software?  Q3. Do you see any ethical issues with e-procurement?  Q4. In your opinion, should stores be able to block people with smartphones from taking pictures of barcodes … Read more

Project Management Discussion Board Unit 1

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words) PLEASE WATCH VIDEO IN ORDER TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT  Assignment Details Along with having the skill, knowledge, tools, and techniques required to manage projects effectively, project managers should be effective managers and leaders. Think about the managers and … Read more