TWO Outbreaks

Health Map Investigation (ILO 2) & (CLO 2, 4, 5, & 6)Week One – North US/Canada/Russia/EuropeThe goal of this assignment is to investigate the website each week (1-4) and find new and specific outbreaks that has found its way into the general population.   Your focus will be to record TWO new outbreaks in all … Read more

Federal Healthcare Agency

Choose a federal healthcare agency (e.g., CDC, FDA, NIH) and discuss briefly how it promotes or contributes to public health. Then, picture yourself as a manager at the agency. What managerial function that you have been introduced to would you use to promote one of its missions? Why? Support your ideas with facts and details … Read more

week 1 HW

Health Map Investigation (ILO 2) & (CLO 2, 4, 5, & 6) Week One – North US/Canada/Russia/Europe The goal of this assignment is to investigate the website each week (1-4) and find new and specific outbreaks that has found its way into the general population.  Your focus will be to record three new outbreaks in … Read more

Power point presentation Public health

select a topic of interest (e.g., a specific disease or public health issue). Make 12-slide power point presentation. The presentation will focus on the magnitude of the public health issue, the impact of social determinants and health behavior on the health issue, strategies to combat the issue (e.g., programs, policies), and the effectiveness of such … Read more

Article Review 4

Read the following article from Chapter 10 of your textbook p 268: Understanding Social Capital and HIV Risk in Rural African American Communities In 6-12 sentences, answer the following questions: What were the four main themes identified as contributing to disparities in HIV rates? What were the community characteristics identified by the “adults” that foster trusting … Read more


Please develop an educational flyer / infographic for men’s health that we can use for our website. The best way to do this is to use a free version of Canva, that’ll give you the most flexibility with design. This educational flyer should be something of the same nature as the cancer flyers / information … Read more


You’ve been able to provide a textbook definition of public health for a while now, at least since your first course in the major.  Has your internship experience changed your view of what public health is?  How has your idea of your place within a public health career changed since you’ve started your internship?  Please … Read more


 Review the following information about our invited alumni guest speakers.  The speakers will not spend much time during this meeting discussing who they are or what they do. Instead, you are expected to familiarize yourself with their paths and current jobs before the meeting occurs so that time can be dedicated to answering your submitted … Read more

Professionalism Seminar

  Are you planning to apply to graduate or professional school in the future? If so, what type of degree and/or program are you considering and when would you like to apply (i.e., next year, after some work experience, etc.)? If not, how will you continue your professional development in order to advance in your … Read more