Create a resume through Hiration Update resume to include an award of your MBA and other events pertinent to your professional qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience.  create a blank resume with the following information. I will fill in my name.  *have a bachelors in business *14 yrs logistics experience, working a wharehouse, accountable for food … Read more


Please develop an educational flyer / infographic for men’s health that we can use for our website. The best way to do this is to use a free version of Canva, that’ll give you the most flexibility with design. This educational flyer should be something of the same nature as the cancer flyers / information … Read more

Resume week 3

Prompt: Prepare a resume Instructions: In Discussion 2, you reviewed the types of resumes (functional, chronological, or a combination). Develop a current resume you would use to apply for a job or a promotion and submit as Assignment 3. Once reviewed by Instructor, upload the file to your portfolio within our course together.

final question

1-   What are the shared health problems of megacities and remote rural areas? What are the different health concerns or urban and rural areas? 2-  What are good and not-so-good ways to help people during and after a humanitarian crisis (such as an earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane)?  3-  Identify one new healthy behavior you … Read more

Resume Assignment

Submit 1-2 page professional resume, that is formatted as follows: size 12 font, single spaced throughout, with consistent punctuation.  Must have the following sections Name, contact information, college education, and experience.  Additional sections may include skills, community service, certifications/licenses, simulated virtual internship (coding cases practice course if completed), and professional summary. All sections should be … Read more

How to Write a Military Resume?

  If you are a member of the military and looking to make the transition to civilian life, you may be looking for a resume writing service that specializes in military resumes. This type of service will tailor its services to fit your individual needs. Its services may include military to civilian resumes, but they … Read more

Discussion post

  Directions:  A) After reading Chapters 7 and 8, and watching the videos, answer the discussion board questions using ONE (1) of the presentation methods below: 2-3 pages summary (Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below)   (Refer to Chapter 7): Draft a logic model for the program (health needs assessment of choice): … Read more

LinkedIn Profile (Technical writing)

Write the content necessary for an effective LinkedIn profile. The profile should include a professional headshot as well as the following sections: headline summary experience courses skills (at least five) education Consider the organization of these sections based on what we’ve discussed about information and visual hierarchies as well as the experiences that distinguish you … Read more

Resume Convention

Consider the three attached resumes. These examples came from published resume books and are considered effective documents (for their time period, at least).  Note also that each resume is from a different decade (1960s, 1970s, and 1980s). Analyze these resumes and then document the convention trends you see developing in the RESUME WORKSHEET( I have … Read more