I need help m2

  should focus on connecting the concepts learned in the 2 modules and readings to your experiences in everyday life (e.g., conversations with family and friends or things you see/read/hear in the news, popular culture, or other media). You should display evidence of critical thinking (e.g., What did the experience make you think about with regards … Read more

Addressing Biased Behavior about Race and Gender

See the attachment “Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Community: Diversity of Race and Gender”  form. Consider how you would  build help children get to know themselves better, build respect for  others, and combat stereotypes and prejudices that arise in the setting  in which you work with young children and their families through the  four aspects of … Read more

Race and ethic

6.1I need someone to help me with several different Asian cultures online 6.2 I need someone to help me research and discuss consequens/sterotype 6.3 I need someone to help me discuss three contemp issues experienced by Asian American 

Race and Ethnicity

5.1 I need someone to help me In thinking about the readings and videos presented in the unit, why do you think Latinos/Hispanics became and still remain targets of racists 5.2  I need someone Explain, in detail, using two sociological theories listed below, the crimmigration system at our southern border

Race and Ethnicity (dq 1.1-1.3)

1. I need someone to help me discuss three racial, ethnic, cultural or religious minority group in the Us. 2. I need someone to help me compare and contrast detail, at least two types of pluralism. 3. I need someone to also help me discuss one current event through an intersectional lens.

Start Seeing Diversity Video” Blog: Gender, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation

In preparation for this blog discussion, view  this week’s Start Seeing Diversity video sections on “Gender” and  “Sexual Orientation.” Additionally, spend some time reviewing two or three items from the following categories of media: children’s books,  cartoons, comic books, television shows and/or commercials, toys or games, toy stores, product packaging, video games, children’s songs/music  and/or … Read more

Racial Identity Development

The ways in which Tina’s views related to race seem to have been influenced by her family and the factors that seemed to support her resistance or resilience of these prejudicial views. How a more holistic understanding of racism and racial identity development can increase an adult’s effectiveness in supporting children’s positive identity development from … Read more


Think about the terms: driving or walking or shopping while Black/Brown DWI: Driving while Indian flying while Muslim/Arabic illegal (immigrant/alien) until proven otherwise criming while white Look up each phrase. Discuss some of the information that you uncover. Does anything surprise you? Do phrases such as these bring helpful attention to the issue they want … Read more


Fear of crime can lead to increased anxiety, social withdrawal, and many other outcomes. One of the goals of community policing is to reduce the fear of crime by building positive relationships with the people in an officer’s neighborhood and town. Distrust of law enforcement is one area that we covered in this Module, and … Read more