Week 6 Discussion

Topic:  Use RACISM topic that has been covered in class thus far   Apply one theory to a discussion of how this topic is supported in politics, education and religion. Do these institutions support social solidarity on this topic, or do they promote social dysfunction? Use evidence from the module readings and viewings to support … Read more


The student will choose an ethical or cultural issue and prepare a five-minute presentation on what they believe a proper Christian response to it should be. The presentation should contain at least two points in favor of the student’s position, one argument against it, and a response to that argument.  The presentation should contain at … Read more

Linguistic Final

Look at prompt first, add: 1 page introduction 1 page injustice (please look at highlighted comments at the end in injustice portion and make changes) 2 page previous interventions 1 page proposed interventions (already written most of it in intervention portion just add 1 more page and editing based on feedback form) 1 page conclusion

Linguistic Final

Add 1 page for introduction 1 page for injustice 1 page for previous interventions add 2 pages for proposed interventions 1 page for conclusion Combine everything based on prompt