Natural Rewards PPT

Activities that are naturally rewarding can increase competence and give you a feeling of self-control and purpose. Through activities such as creating a more enjoyable work environment or appreciating a more pleasurable job feature, an individual can increase his or her performance levels. Create a 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation on natural rewards. 

Rules, Consequences, and Rewards

 List five rules and five consequences for your future classroom that include: Classroom behavior rules that create a safe and productive learning environment  Explanation of your consequences in action, Description of where and how you will document the consequences. Explanation of your personal reward system. Support your writing with a minimum of 2-3 scholarly resources.

People Rewards

  Respond to each of the questions below.  What is your reaction to the idea of a differentiated workforce? What do you see as the practical advantages or challenges in implementing this concept? In this chapter we reviewed the distinction between a career ladder and a career lattice.  How do you expect your career to … Read more