Threats to Juveniles

This chapter illustrates many of the problems facing juveniles in our society today: boredom, absent parents, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, runaways, gangs, gang violence, and inadequate parenting. In your opinion, what can be done to diminish some of these threats to juveniles today?

Security in a Complex World

Analyze network security threats, risks, and solutions presented by mobile devices in BYOD workplaces. Do the following: Analyze three common security threats for enterprises employing a BYOD policy. Explain the risk factors associated with mobile device security threats. Analyze how two significant features of a specific mobile OS keep their devices secure.

Part C

Course Project Part C: When applying for most Federal and State programs and grants you are required to submit a great deal of detailed information on your community. Much of this is developed from the community’s threat assessment and identification of critical infrastructures and key resources. For this part you are to develop the following … Read more