Assignment 1

 Each student is responsible to post two narratives on two issues it finds discussed in the Dutta case. The one stated issue in the textbook is “contract ambiguity” and the other the group together or individually must come up with. Each student must submit an original post which follows the required formatting: Issue 1 repeated; … Read more

capstone update

make the required changes to the article. Make adequate changes to the first introductory paragraph. Please see my feedback and review the sample chapter 2 that I have attached with the section highlighted in blue. 


  MedWatch: The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program As noted earlier, there are mandatory and voluntary error reporting requirements. Executive leaders need to be aware of both types and be a part of the decisional team tasked with determining participation in voluntary errors. Ethics directs healthcare leaders to participate in all activities designed to improve patient … Read more

Consumer behaviour

There are many rituals in our society and the cultures we grew up in such as Coffee in the morning, Afternoon Tea, Giving away the Bride, Tailgating, or Retirement.  What ritual did you recently experience? Describe it and explain why you think it is important to take part in this activity.