Business Finance – Economics Assignment 3 trade

Please research, prepare and deliver in class a report on how culture can affect business in a specific region of the world.  What would you tell international businesspeople about culture in your country?  What would be important for them to know?  You are encouraged to focus on your own personal cultural heritage, your country of … Read more

Fair trade

Using the resources describing conscious capitalism and fair trade, how does fair trade support the philosophy and practices of conscious capitalism? What are the challenges to implementation of fair trade in the developing world?

Publicly traded companies

Research publicly traded companies and select two companies in different sectors. Compare the capital structure for each and explain your conclusions on the similarities and differences. What support can you provide for why each company adheres to their chosen structuring mechanisms?

Research Methods Trade/Development

 1) TCS Case Study: Enbala helps the world energize efficiently:  2) Company Name and Product: Enbala-creating an energy future that is sustainable and balanced 3) Current Market: Australia For your research, use the following Canadian sources plus journal articles (eCentennial online library) and Industry Canada data. 1. Export Development Canada: 2. The Canadian … Read more

Foreign Trade Topic

You are to search for trade documentation (documents usually used in trade) and Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) and write about them. You are to name and explain them in your research paper. Five pages maximum. Make sure you cite your source.