APA Format

Identify a problem related to the topic “Workplace Harassment and Discrimination”. This assignment should be 2–3 pages in length using APA format. Chapter 1—The Introduction includes: Background Context (includes critical incident and ethical considerations related to the problem), Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, and Significance of Research—use subheadings to frame your chapter. Use support from … Read more

400-500, APA Format

Detail one human growth and development theory and discuss its empirical support. Then read Defining Spiritual Development: A Missing Consideration for Student Affairs (Love & Talbot, 2009), and discuss research on spiritual development and how it could be connected to the other areas of development (physical, emotional, and social)

Presenting The Marketing Plan (4-6 Pages) With Title Page And References, APA Format

One of the first marketing plans you will develop will be to market your personal brand. A personal brand is how you want to be seen. It will reflect your personality, your skills, and your experiences to tell the story of YOU. As with branding in business, your personal brand will differentiate you from others. … Read more

Creating The Marketing Mix (4-6 Pages) With Title Page And References, APA Format

Marketing research is conducted to collect, record, analyze, and interpret data relative to your business market and product category. Global market research is done with the same purpose; however, the scope of the research is for organizations conducting business on a worldwide scale. Read this article comparing domestic market research and international market research: The 8 … Read more