Discussion #14

 Discuss and critique the production of Death of a Salesman you watched this week.  Were the actors effective in their roles?  Were the design elements appropriate to the production (address scenery, costumes, lights, and sound).  Why is this play an important piece of American Theatre history? 

Discussion #13

 Discuss EPIC THEATRE, the key players, and its significance.   Epic Theatre • More “militant approach” • Erwin Piscator (1893-1966)- the first major practitioner. • sought to create a “proletarian drama” • Bertolt Brecht (1891-1956) was The movement’s major theoretician and dramatist. • The Three-Penny Opera (1928) Music by Kurt Weill • Went into exile in … Read more

The Wizard of OZ 1939 Theatrical Review

Become a Theatrical Reviewer Attend or Watch (TV or online) The Wizard of OZ. Write a short review in which you: 1. Briefly summarize the story, comment on the authors plotting of the story, indicate the significance of the work (or lack thereof), 2. decide whether the production was a success or failure, indicate whether … Read more

Discussion #9

 Many different approaches were taken to acting in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Discuss the various approaches to acting, the key figures in developing each school of acting, and how the craft evolved. 


Richard Rodriguez has generally been criticized by immigrant activists. Identify and discuss at least two passages where Rodriguez’s ideas and voice and tone convey an attitude or persona that may account for the backlash he has received by immigrant activists. Backlash DefinitionA strong and critical  reaction by a large number of people.  

american lit

  Watch either The Great Gatsby or The Color Purple and relate it to “The Way to Wealth” The American Dream lecture in Week 1 points out that Poor Richard’s Almanac was an annual publication that included calendar lists, home recipes, weather forecasts, etc. What made Franklin’s almanac unlike other almanacs was the inclusion of … Read more


Choose one literary text from the following list: John Smith’s The General History, “The Third Book–Chapter II,” William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, “Book I–Chapter IX,” Thomas Morton’s New English Canaan, “Chapters IV, XV, XIV, and XV,” Anne Bradstreet’s “Prologue,” “The Author to Her Book,” “Before the Birth of One of Her Children,” “To My Dear and Loving Husband,” “A Letter to Her … Read more

Discussion #5

 Although it was a dramatized version of his life, the film Moliere is constructed in a way that gives us a sense of the style of his plays – political satire — French comedy at its finest.   Discuss your thoughts about the film and Moliere in general (please note, everything in the film up until he’s thrown … Read more

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 Please follow the prompt. This only needs to be 1-2 pages. Thank you! What to put in your reflection: Once you complete an assessment/activity from the list, you will write a short reflection of how the assessment/activity and results relate to you personally. If you want to be more broad, you can just write a … Read more

Personal Statement

Hi, I need to re-write my personal statement and make it more professional for medical school applications. I have already written a personal statement and it has all my information about what I did and why I want to go into medicine so please use my previous personal statement to write this one below I … Read more