Module 5-2

Hello all, I need help with the attached.  Any guidance and input is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks in advance!  Summary:  For this milestone, you will write a project plan outlining how you will fulfill the requirements of the RFP and proposal you wrote about in Milestone Two. You will also identify the root cause of … Read more

Professional development program proposal

As a manager of the department, you reviewed the sales report, and sales are drastically down. You decided to attend a seminar on emotional intelligence, and the seminar encouraged you to implement an emotional intelligence management approach in your department. Propose a strategic solution that details how an EI approach can improve organizational outcomes and … Read more

Deliverable 2 – Lease Versus Purchase

Assignment Content Competency Analyze financial information for the purpose of making viable management decisions. Student Success Criteria View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Scenario Health resources are finite. Therefore, it is incumbent on all health organizations … Read more

Mathematics – Statistics homework help

TOPIC:  Impact of maternal stress, depression and anxiety on child development: Developmental Outcomes in  children based on maternal history.  Focus on specific findings relate to your variables. (maternal history and Developmental outcomes in children .) The project might benefit from narrowing and getting more depth on one area or in 2 that are related (i.e., … Read more

Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions: Watch the quantitative proposal defense from an alumnus posted in Bb. • What did you learn? This can include presentation style, methodology emphasis, how to use a theoretical framework, the ways both alumni emphasized how to have strong results, etc.? • What parts of the methodology did the presenter emphasize? • How has … Read more

research proposal- personalized service in hospitality

1.critically evaluate the main concepts, techniques and applications of qualitative and quantitative research; 2.address the ethical considerations to be taken, discuss the appropriateness of various methods of data collection, the range of resources available and to introduce quantitative and qualitative data analysis. 3. apply this systematic knowledge and understanding of how established tools and techniques … Read more

Neuro Proposal

Full proposal on Maternal Stress in terms of Pregnancy Risks. Attached is abstract that can be used but can be edited!  It should be no longer than 2 pages (11 font size minimum) including any potential Figures (optional), but not including references. It should contain a “background/Significance” sections that coherently and concisely reviews necessary previous … Read more

Research Assignment-Practice Research Proposal

Main task Develop a practice research proposal dissertation. I. Proposed Dissertation Title: The title (tentative) should be precise to allow the reader to comprehend the subject matter of the work. II. Research Question or Hypothesis: State clearly what your research interest is. Define your research question/hypothesis and the main objectives of your research (Min 300 … Read more

A proposal

Choose one of the following topics. How can the United States lessen its dependence on fossil fuels? What can be done to improve the college graduation rate? How can a city promote the use of public transportation? What can be done to promote better health for the American population? A proposal (suggested 850–1,200 in length). … Read more