Analyze Budgets

1) Analyze how the economic constraints of having a Lack of Financial Capital have an impact on the budgetary process. ( include advantages&disadvantages) 2) Analyze how the political constraints of Environmental Laws have an impact on the budgetary process. ( include advantages&disadvantages)

poltical studies

Use these sources to ague that the discussion was wrong use in text citation Wright, R. George. 2023. “Counterman v. Colorado: True Threats, Speech Harms, and Missed Opportunities.” Social Science Research Network. Rochester, NY. July 7, 2023. “Counterman v. Colorado.” n.d. American Civil Liberties Union. OF THE COURT IN Counterman v. Colorado: Courts … Read more


Explore several news sites to see how the story is framed.  Please review at least one liberal news source, one center news source, and a conservative news source.  You can use the chart in your lecture, or go to this Media BiasLinks to an external site. site. Compare and contrast how the story was framed … Read more

Auto reflexion

   Compose a self-reflection on why it is important to understand the different types of economies in the social work profession. Consider the relationship between the state, the market and organizations in the creation of social policies and how different economic contexts (capitalism, socialist economy, mixed economy, neoliberalism and political economy) influence the creation of … Read more


The federal Republic of Nigeria. What form of government does the country you chose have? Explain the different powers associated with different parts of the government of the country you have chosen. Provide a basic overview of how the country you have chosen is governed. Does it have a constitution? Is there separation of powers? … Read more

discussion 5

What constitutes an appropriate role for the judiciary? Some people argue that courts have become too powerful and that judges legislate from the bench. What does it mean for a court to be activist? What does it mean for a court to show judicial restraint? Although conservatives have long complained about the activism of liberal … Read more


ASSIGNMENT 1  watch video 1. Read this article from Earth Focus: Refer to  SmartAirLA (Links to an external site.)    and the  Asthma Tracker In an initial discussion post, reflect on your reactions to reading this above material.  You can take several approaches (these are just suggestions): Does the material support your personal experience?  … Read more

How does Russia stand today after the legacies of two great empires: has the current war with Ukraine been affected by these legacies

POWER POINT PRESENTATION Intro on Russia Table Of Contents 1 empire: (Czars) Russian empire ( context it with Ukraine historically and geography ) 2 empire: Soviet union ( context it with Ukraine historically and geography ) Modern developments in between Russia and Ukraine ( briefly ) Conclusion Use some pictures, maps to illustrate