child assessment

Choose one of the cases assigned for reading in Kearney (Chapter 6 or 7). Offer 9-10 recommendations that are personalized for the case you choose. You are welcome to use the internet or other resources to help think of ways to help the child presenting in the case in a classroom setting.

block chain

. What are the success factors in the Scotiabank-Kabbage partnership? 2. Under what conditions is the same model applicable?When will the Scotiabank-Kabbage model not work? 3. Under what circumstances should Scotiabank seek fintech partnerships? 4. Identify a sector (e.g., international payments, blockchain, lending or wealth management) and a geographic market where a fintech partnership would … Read more

Block Chain Development

2) Provide a first section (200-250 words) explaining, with supporting source material, the following questions (Do not quote any of the source material, you must explain in your own words but properly citing material found in the assigned sources): What is a Smart Contract? How do they work? What is the utility (what are the benefits)? … Read more

Risks, Benefits, and Diagnosis

 The risk-benefit calculation for any drug assumes a correct diagnosis of the disorder. Many investigators and clinicians feel the current epidemic of child psychiatric disorders is largely due to inappropriate diagnosis. Evaluate the risk and benefits of using psychoactive drugs in children correctly diagnosed with a disorder versus those incorrectly diagnosed with a disorder. Consider … Read more

discussion board

This week, you have learned how artists will make work to elicit political and social change. Do you think that art should question the status quo?  Do you think this is an effective tool?  How can they make it more effective? Do you think that protest art reaches a large enough audience to be effective? … Read more