Principles of Public Policy

How does a policy move through a window once the streams come together? (Seems like a bit of a mixed metaphor but still!) Give an example of a recent federal policy that moved through a policy window.  Your discussion statement must be 2—3 paragraphs long. This translates to 200 to 300 words. 

Public Policy

“In a political system where nearly every adult may vote but where knowledge, wealth, social position, access to officials, and other resources are unequally distributed, who actually governs?” In one paragraph, explain HOW Larry Bartels answers this question in The New Gilded Age reading, In another paragraph, explain ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE Bartels provides for … Read more

Public Policy Process in Organizations

  MUST BE 300 WORDS 3 SCHOLARY CITATIONS. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, etc.  Informed decision-making is an important aspect for working in the government.  According to Milakovich and Gordon, provide some examples of how information technology can be used to … Read more

Healthcare Demand

   You will be taking on the role of an associate director of a hospital who is considering the proposed opening of an urgent care clinic about 20 miles from your main campus. You have been charged with gathering demographic information that might affect the demand for the new clinic and creating a presentation that … Read more