Assg -7b

  Follow the instructions in the given Week 6 While Loops PDF document for his week’s assignment. Once you completed all steps , then you will upload the .CPP files Upload the following .CPP files. LastNameW6A1.cpp LastNameW6A2.cpp LastNameW6A3.cpp LastNameW6A4.cpp LastNameW6A5.cpp Week6_WHILE_LOOPS.pdf 

lit -6

  This week, we will discuss accents and dialects in literature. The following are a list of potential authors and works you can use for this assignment. I tried to choose works that you might easily find excerpts online. You are not required to use someone from this list, but this is a good range … Read more

Assignment: Research Proposal Abstract

 All research papers, posters, and proposal typically start with an abstract. An abstract is a key piece of the project- it provides a brief overview of the research study and forms the reader’s first impression of the proposal. Often, readers will review the abstract to decide if they want to read the entire research paper … Read more