2-1 Final Project Milestone One: Draft of Introduction for Lacrosse in High Schools

 Introduce your chosen product or service from an existing sports organization as well as the overall goal of your marketing plan for promoting this product or service. This will include an overview of the current state of the sports organization and  potential opportunities for the organization.  A. Provide an overview of your chosen sports organization … Read more

Job Satisfaction Dy

Job Satisfaction vs. Organizational Commitment This assignment will build on the first assignment, with a deeper focus on motivation and performance management.   Thinking again about your previous and current work experiences, consider what is more important to you: job satisfaction or organizational commitment. In this paper you will explain your choice, your rationale for … Read more

Risk management project part 4

 This project is divided into several parts, each with a deliverable. The first four parts are drafts. These documents should resemble business reports in that they are organized by headings, include source citations (if any), be readable, and be free from typos and grammatical errors. However, they are not final, polished reports.Please see the attached … Read more

identify and explain process you would use to encourage healthy coping behaviors for Michael’s stressors.

   Step-3 of McCollum’s Model of Mental Health Education is “Goal Setting” to identify short-term or long-term goals for changes in knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.  Module 4 provided several theories, models, and constructs for stress and coping.  For this assignment, you are asked to apply stress and coping theory to reduce the stress response. Think … Read more

human re

This week, you watched a video called “Leaders with values.” Using this video as your  guide, Instructions: • Choose one of the leaders from the “Leaders with values” video. • Include the following in your  Describe the leadership obstacles this person faced. Describe the actions or behaviors that he/she did that showed leadership  attributes. What … Read more