Discussion 3 – Chapter 11

 What evidence should the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) take into account when it determines whether marks such as the “Washington Redskins” and “The Redskins,” at the time they were registered, disparaged Native Americans?  How is disparagement measured — by the American public, by all Native Americans, or by some other variable?  What about … Read more

Chapter 7 review

Why is a budget important to family management? Do you have a budget? Why/why not? What would you or do you include as expenses in your budget? How do you termine what is a need v. a want in decision making?

chapter 5 questions

 Answer the following questions based on: Chapter 5 PowerPoint, PowerPoint lecture, reading Chapter 5 in the textbook.  Please type the question and then the response. It should be clear from your answers that you have reviewed the assigned material for this module. Questions for Review and Discussion-chapter 5  In one paragraph tell me about chapter 5 … Read more

Family values assignment

The textbook notes the following:  “Families pass learned behaviors and experiences, or cultural heritage, from generation to generation (Johnson, 1998). Drawing from the worldview framework introduced in Chapter One, the values held by cultural groups are expressed in unique patterns through the formation and perpetuation of family units. Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck (1961) propose that the … Read more

Studies of Diversity

1.Company Information Give a brief description of the company that you will be studying throughout the course. 2.Diversity Overview Identify the company’s diversity policies, procedures, initiatives, and programs. Summarize the efforts that the company has made to address diversity throughout the organization. 3.Leaders and Managers How does the company that you selected address diversity at … Read more

Discussion: Solution-Focused Model: Asking Questions

   Social workers who utilize the solution-focused model are mindful of how their conversations with their clients, families, groups or even community members facilitate their thinking about solutions. The client is always the “expert,” and therefore, social workers ask questions to explore how the client perceives the problem and situation. Respond to two colleagues: Identify … Read more