Locate a real-world business issue or solution video in information systems/information technology located in Ted Talk Videos (https://www.ted.com/talks). Select a different Ted Talk if you have responded to this question in a previous internship course.  For this discussion: Select a TED Talk video relevant to IS and/or information technology. Describe what information you agree … Read more

Discussion 1 Help

Write a discussion on the readings assigned for the week (I will attach the file). For the last paragraph focus on the changing dynamics of the digital age. What are the changing behaviors in society due to changing technologies? How do you feel about these changes? How is computer-mediated communication different? ( Sherry Turkle: Connected, … Read more

TED Talk case

Critically Evaluate What You Saw Think about your class discussion about stress and happiness.  After watching this TED talk, how would you define the difference between being happy and having meaning in life?  According to the speaker (and Dr. Martin Seligman), what three things should be included when defining what “meaning” is? Think back to … Read more