#4 discussion

Argue for or against the ratification of the United States… Argue for or against the ratification of the United States Constitution from the perspective of an assigned persona. Use evidence to explain your position.  Last name begins with A-H will post as a white working-class woman Mary Smith Cranch comments on politics, 1786 – 87 … Read more

Living History

Write a letter from the perspective of a person who lived through an important historical event, innovation, or movement during the 19th or 20th century. Describe that event, innovation, or movement as if you were someone who actually experienced it, and discuss the potential impact of historical events on the future

Analyze, Synthesize, and Compare and Contrast: Captures in Africa, Slave Auctions in America, and Being a Slave

Read the excerpts from published slave narratives found in Content under American Voices as AV I. Complete and submit a ten-paragraph written assignment based on this content (and this content alone) addressing each of the four topics below and following the instructions and format for each topic: 1. Compare and contrast the accounts of Olaudah … Read more

Film Review

You have the freedom to choose any movie or documentary for this Film Review assignment. The movie must take place in USA. The film must also encompass the time era of 1500-1865. The main objective of the assignment is to make as many connections to US history. Explain how the connections you made helps us … Read more

Great Depression

I need a current event that ties into the Great Depression, must be within 5 years (current event) and must be APA format 400 words with title page and reference page. Critically evaluate the social impact the Great Depression had on specific groups of people, including immigrants, farmers, families, and children. Rubric Attached. Additionally, this … Read more

Current Event- Need a current event (Journal) for the Progressive Era-Rubric Attached

You’ll be focusing on change and reform brought about as a result of the rapid social and economic changes of industrialization and urbanization. While the U.S. looked great from an outside perspective, with its rich flaunting their wealth and industry booming, it was riddled with the exploitation of the people and political corruption, thus earning … Read more