Module 3 Discussion

 Chapter 1 of this text book describes four change arenas to facilitate Homeland Security as Legal Initiatives, Science and Technology, Information Sharing and Systems, and International Cooperation. List and discuss what you think are the most important 5 elements from these four change arenas. You should explain why you think each are important.  Please list … Read more


 Explain the term scope of practice and the importance of understanding your scope of practice as a Registered Practical Nurse.  Explore ONE of the listed specialties where RPN’s practice. o Palliative care, Medicine, Peri-Operative, Geriatrics, Primary Care, Mental health, Maternal Child, Pediatric, Community Care (Homecare), Public Health

Unit 7: Course Project- Strategic Analysis Recommendations

Directions  Topic AMAZON Under a main heading of Recommendations, select one or more alternatives that your analysis supports as being a good solution for your company’s problem. Describe exactly what the company needs to do. Explain why this course of action will solve your stated problem. Include suggestions on how to best implement the alternative(s) … Read more

Unit 3: Course Project- Introduction and Problem Statement

  Directions Introduction: Under the first heading of Introduction, write an introduction/ overview of a company listed on the stock exchange (check to be sure they have annual reports available online).  Describe the company and their product(s)/service(s), a brief history, their vision and mission (if they do not have formal statements describe what you feel … Read more


You have a patient who only has Medicare Part A and B. She has limited income most of which is used to pay for Medicare Part B. She is in dire need of placement into a nursing home as she can no longer care for herself at home. You gleaned from your reading that long-term … Read more