Report Questions

please help me with these questions based on the 3 cases–Paypal, Ford, and Zoom.    Please note that your answers need to be based on the case only and the time of the case. You do not need to include any new development in the industry after the case unless the question specifically requires you … Read more

Consumer Decision-Making

The Course Data File contains the Product for this assignment. The product is Sriracha. Research the product from an economic standpoint (include supply and demand, cost). Describe what has been happening in the product market over the last year or two. Find a balance between explanations, data, and statistics provided. You must decide what information … Read more

Airtcle summaries

There are 7 articles below, write one page of single-spaced summary for each article. Requirements:  In the summary for each article, you need to (1) summarize the main ideas of the article and (2) define the key concepts discussed in the article in your own words. Do not use outside or article sources. 


Most of you are in college because you want a job. That job will probably be in the service economy. That said, there are many services that Chapter 8 did not cover. The video for this week covers one of the services that we often take for granted.  After reading the chapter and watching the … Read more


  1. Review the three articles about Inflation that are found below this.  2. Locate two JOURNAL articles which discuss this topic further. You need to focus on the Abstract, Introduction, Results, and Conclusion. For our purposes, you are not expected to fully understand the Data and Methodology.   3. Summarize these journal articles. Please … Read more


Select a research topic on an economic issue.  Consult with your instructor to discuss your ideas. Conduct research on your topic using at least three sources. Write a Research assignment with a Body length of 2-3 pages using APA style. Double-space your Research Paper. Include a Title Page, an Abstract with Key Words, a Body, … Read more

Reading Assignment

The name of the book is  Stutz, Frederic P. and Barney Warf. The World Economy: Resources, Location, Trade, and Development. 6thth ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. ISBN 978-0321722508 (No previous editions allowed). . Please read fhe guidelines provided in the file below

Healthcare cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis

In 300 to 400 words, analyze and comment on economic analyses of health administrative innovations that are germane to the provision of health services. How have these innovations become more important in health care delivery within the context of the Affordable Care Act? Develop a list of similarities and differences between cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness … Read more