Crisis Management

 Crisis Management has become a norm or an expectation within organizations. Utilizing one of the theories discussed in chapter 5 explores the response that would occur based on the theory. Select a theory to explore LMX Contingency Path-goal theory Write a 2-3 page paper describing your response based on the theory selected 

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We develop good DR plans and  some of those plans will include a remote recovery site (hot or cold).  How do we ensure that the remote site is protected like we would the  main location? Discuss the challenges of maintaining information  security at a remote recovery location.

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Task 1 Do one of the 2 options below: 1. (follow what they say) 2. Create an Android project 2 Thus is continuation from previous Android project (Building Your First App at Adding the Action Bar Do the following tasks: Setting Up the Action Bar Adding Action Buttons Styling the … Read more

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need 5-6 pages For the individual report: Compare how the platforms Windows, Android, and iOS differ in use of design tools for the website. Research and discuss why different design tools are used for the websites. Discuss the influence of design tools for the website development. Discuss the influence of design tools for the websites … Read more

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 What kind of user training should be conducted to deal with the issue of noise (electrical). How  do you strike a balance between being overwhelmed with false positives  and the danger of ignoring true incidents?  What effects would false  positives have on an organization?  Make sure to cite your sources.    ***Standard for all Research Assignments   Your … Read more

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  Pick  an industry/company to focus on for this assignment.  Based upon the  given information you can find on the company and any past  issues/breaches the company has gone through, create Crisis Management  Plan     Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches  Strategies … Read more


Select  a major organization that was located with a major natural disaster  area, such as the Hurricane Katrina disaster area.  Research their  experiences and prepare a report detailing the unexpected challenges the  organization encountered in returning their operations to normal. Give  suggestions on what might be added to the organization’s contingency  plan to mitigate those unexpected challenges.