For this assignment, students will choose a topic from either chapter that resonated with them. Students will discuss why the topic stood out to them, the new knowledge they gained, why they believe it was worthwhile to include in the text and how they will apply their newfound knowledge as a professional.

Short paper urgent 30 hrs. time limit

  Please read the  following article: Yang, J., Zhou, C., Tian, Y. C., & Yang, S. H.  (2019). A software-defined security approach for securing field zones in  industrial control systems. IEEE Access, 7, 87002-87016. ICS-security-zones.pdf                Download ICS-security-zones.pdf               The authors discuss security protection for ICS networks, especially  for physical devices using software defined security.  This … Read more

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  Read the Running Case found at the end of Chapter 4. Each  student will complete tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 for this  case project and submit here Running Case Note: Additional running cases are provided on the Companion website, including the Manage Your Health, Inc. case from the seventh edition of this … Read more

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 This week we start looking at project Scope Management, and project  Schedule Management. For some of this week’s tasks, you will need to use  Microsoft Project.  If you have not started familiarizing yourself with MS Project, here  is a very short, simple tutorial that you can start with. There are MANY  others out there on … Read more

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Chapter 7 – Read the Running Case at the end of the chapter. Each team member will complete the 3 tasks for this case project and submit individually. Running Case Chapter-7: You and your team are continuing your work on the Global Treps Project. Your project sponsor, Dr. K., has asked you to refine the … Read more