Professional portfolio

This professional portfolio assignment will prepare the students to market and negotiate for employment as an advanced nurse practitioner. The assignment must contain the following: Copy of NP job description (include current APA citation of source) One letter of recommendation Resume as an NP Resume Sample and resume builder can be found on the St. … Read more

Cda Portfolio

Nine Learning Experiences (activities), written in your own words, including one from each of the following curricular areas: RC II-1: Science/Sensory RC II-2: Language and Literacy RC II-3: Creative Arts RC II-4: Fine Motor (Please choose an indoor activity) RC II-5: Gross Motor (Please choose an outdoor activity) RC II-6: Self Concept RC II-7: Emotional … Read more


b) A stock is estimated to have a covariance with the market of 0.45. For the coming period, the market expected return is 10%, the market variance is 0.60 and the market risk-premium is 5%. If the stock is currently trading at RM2.00, use to CAPM to calculate the future price of the stock at … Read more

Finance – Portfolio Management

   Q.1 (a).What is the relationship between Yield Curve and Fiscal and Monetary Policies ? Q.1 (b). Describe the relationship between Inflation and Business Cycle. Q.2.Explain the different sources of excess return in international bond portfolios  Q.3.Given the following information, calculate the short-term interest rate target. Neutral rate 4%  Inflation target 3% Expected inflation 7%  … Read more