Revise all areas 2

Revisions are part of the doctoral process but checking to ensure all requirements have been met can reduce the need for multiple revisions. Please review the rubric requirements in its entiretyand check to ensure all have been fully met in your prospectus. If anything needs to be strengthened,make those revisions prior to submitting… Check botton … Read more

Revised Project

 Write a 3–4 page paper that addresses the following concerns from the project sponsor:Step 1: The sponsor would like a summary of your project. Summarize your project to date, including a message regarding the completion and implementation of the Communication Plan & Project Schedule. Note: Do not repeat your introduction from the first assignment to avoid … Read more

methods revision

 In PSY-452: Experimental Psychology in Topic 8 you completed the Research reort assignment. In this course you will revise components from the PSY-452 assignment and use those revised components to create a research proposal at the end of this course. You should treat this assignment as a potential portfolio piece or writing sample for future … Read more

Combine, Revise, & Edit Esay

It is time to put all the parts of the esay together. Before you submit it in one MSWord document, please revise and edit it carefully; simply putting the pieces together without significant revising and editing will not gain you many points. Revise your introductory paragraph with your hook, 2-3 sentences of supporting details and/or … Read more