Problem solving

1. Take some time to identify a work- or academic-related problem in your life. Please be mindful that identifying the actual problem can take some self-reflection. Accurately identifying the core of the problem as opposed to only the symptoms of a problem can be a bit challenging. 2. Once you’ve identified the problem, investigate the … Read more

problem of interest

  describe the population or problem (Trauma). Identify the roles social workers take with this population/problem. Describe what you learned about working with this population. Identify types of skills and knowledge you want/need to develop in order to effectively work with this population/problem.  

Discussion Question 6

Prompt: Public opinion on the LGBTQ community has rapidly and drastically changed in America. Though individuals in this broad and heterogeneous community still face a number of problems, there is little doubt that this society is a much different place in this regard than it was even in the recent past. What social factors do … Read more


2PG How do you identify (culturally ,ethnically, racially)? And what are some of the rules of your culture (unspoken or spoken)? Review First:

Discussion question 4

Prompt: Despite its documented failures and the success of alternative programs in other countries, the United States continues to pursue its War on Drugs in order to combat the sale and use of drugs. Why do you think the US has taken this approach? What barriers do you think stand in the way of changing course? … Read more