One emerging trend in the PR industry is Influencer Marketing, which involves collaborating with influential individuals in a specific sector to promote products, services, or brands. Influencers can be bloggers, social media personalities, or celebrities with a large and engaged following. This trend is changing how PR professionals communicate by shifting the focus from traditional … Read more

Public Relations

What is the title and purpose of each selected publication, resource, document or article? Who is the intended document of each selected publication, resource, document or article? What are the strengths of each selected publication, resource, document or article? What are the weaknesses of each selected publication, resource, document or article? What are your recommendations … Read more

public relation

 Discussion Post: Post on the Discussion Board a maximum 1000-word  on the meaning, role, and value of public relations in global society. Provide robust analysis of the place of ethics in the practice of public relations. Do not merely summarize the various ethical approaches; try to apply them. In other words, what does ethical action … Read more


Your school has developed reputation for being “non-welcoming” to parents and other visitors at the school. The district superintendent has received three complaints during the last month and has requested that you (as the school administrator) develop a plan for improving this situation. Explain how you will address this situation with (a) frontline and noninstructional … Read more

Case Study

Jessica Lynn is the Director of Research for a TV duopoly in a medium-size southeastern market. Lynn has access to a variety of research data, including the Nielsen local report as well as qualitative reports from Simmons and VALS. Yet Jessica was convinced they were missing data from the reports, so she scheduled a meeting … Read more

Public relations

  Writing Prompt Taking into considerations the pros and cons of working for public relations firms verses corporation, what job would best fit your abilities and preferences? explain. (1 Paragrap) Shared Writing Friction can often exist between other staff functions such as human resources, marketing, and legal. would you agree or disagree that public relations … Read more

RP case study

   1. What options did Chobani have in dealing with the Alex Jones allegations? 2. What were the risks in the Chobani pro-communications strategy? 3. Had Jones not folded so quickly after the Chobani lawsuit, what other communications options would you have proposed that Chobani’s founder consider?