Business Finance – Operations Management OPMT 620: Operations Management – Case Study McDonalds Assignment

Case Study McDonalds Assignment Instructions Please follow the instructions provided in the attached PDF document. AI (ChatGPT) must not be used to create your report, or parts of it! ———————————————————————————————1. Attached is the McDonalds Case Study. pdf 2. Screenshots of rubrics for score acceptance 3. PPT study material for reference (Be thorough and relatable to … Read more

Wrap-Ups and Takeaways

In the discussion, respond to the following. Be sure to respond to all parts of the following question in order to earn full credit. As you look back at the various tools, topics, and strategies covered throughout this course, which ones do you feel were most helpful? Why? If you had to identify your most … Read more

Case Analysis – BMW

Individual written case analysis: Future of the autonomous automobile – A strategy for BMW. Report providing analysis, diagnosis and recommendations for a business case, including application of pertinent concepts/frameworks/tools discussed in the strategy module. Please review the Case Method slide deck for guidelines and carefully follow the case analysis assignment instructions.

Marketing Challenge

Choose a company that is facing a significant marketing challenge, such as declining sales, negative brand reputation, or strong competition. Your assignment is to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that addresses this challenge and helps the company achieve its goals. 


 Post replies on the posts of other classmates that add something to the discussion utilizing concepts from the case, course, and ethical principles. You should not merely compliment classmates or post your feelings about their post but support your response with concepts from the assigned material for the course. See attached pdf. Same topic you … Read more

Package Deal

1. What are your goals/objectives/interests for this negotiation?  2. What do you think your counterpart’s goals/objectives/interests might be for this negotiation? 3. What is your BATNA for this negotiation? 4. What do you think your counterpart’s BATNA might be for this negotiation? 5. What is your reservation price? How did you arrive at this number?

Business Management

After discussing business management and strategy, we need to discuss the importance of these topics for an HR manager.  Ask an HR manager or a manager of an organization how the strategic plan contributed to his/her position. Post his/her answer, identifying if it is from an HR manager or a manager. Identify the importance of … Read more

Activity 8

In this course, we discussed how several companies such as Ford (Learning from Mistakes opening incident) and Coca-Cola (Strategy Spotlight 7.4) adopted a localized international strategy. Interview a manager in an organization with foreign market exposure and ask the following questions: (1) what are the main benefits of localizing products or services in your industry?, … Read more


Activity I – Strategy Spotlight 2.2 discusses the growing importance of environmental concerns and illustrates how companies in different industries deal with plastic waste issues. Many other environmental problems such as greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting climate change issues are major concerns for today’s businesses and governments. Pick an industry with high greenhouse gas … Read more

Healthcare/Hospitality Industry

Select a company that competes in an industry in which you are interested. What are some of the recent demands that stakeholders have placed on this company? Can you find examples of how the company is trying to develop “symbiosis” (interdependence and mutual benefit) among its stakeholders? (Use the Internet and library resources.) 2 pages … Read more