CTI part two

  Wk 1 – Apply: Creating a Threat Intelligence Program [due Day 7] Assignment Content Write 1 to 2 pages in response to the following questions:  Which aspects of enterprise cybersecurity should a threat intelligence program address?  What are some potential challenges to developing a threat intelligence program?  What are some common tools and solutions … Read more

Unit 4 Assignment Professionalism

Instructions For this assignment, you will explore both internal and external customer service and consider ways to provide excellent service to customers within an organization and outside the organization. Your assignment should address the following questions: Explain your definition of internal customer service. How do you personally provide excellent internal customer service to your colleagues? … Read more


It is immoral to kill non-combatants during war. Putin’s army in Ukraine is not obeying this regulation; many Ukrainian citizens are being targeted and killed. But this war (and a possible 3rd world war)  would have been avoided altogether if Trump had remained in office as the American president; and had Biden not taken over … Read more


Nearly every student in the course was able to think of a time when they had personally been impacted by or had observed incivility in the workplace. In what ways does this impact your view of the nursing profession? If those outside of healthcare were aware, how might it impact their view? As you move … Read more

Professionalism as an Educator

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on your personal professionalism as a future educator and your ability to display the behaviors. Describe how you will apply the codes of ethics, professional standards of practice, and relevant laws and policies for professional decision-making in order to promote positive, collaborative relationships and a supportive educational environment for … Read more