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I would like to use SAS to analyze below

  1. Descriptive statistics 2. Bivariate analysis of factors that are significant to Catastrophic Expenditure at 5% (Catas5i) 3. Logistic regression analysis of predictors of Catastrophic Expenditure at 5% (Catas5i) Independent variables: q101: SD/NSD        q103:  public/private facility q104: Secondary/tertiary facility    q110_pat_recode:  Age of patient recoded q111             … Read more

SAS Code and analysis

   ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1. What are the relevant factors to be considered for modeling a demand function for Maa mustard oil? How is each factor related to elasticities of demand? How does the estimation of demand function incorporate the impact of each factor using the multiple regression technique? 2. Analyze the estimated demand function and … Read more

Los Angeles River Project Individual Species Research

  Assignment Overview You have selected your focal species in LA River Species Selection discussion. In order to predict how LA River revitalization will affect your species, you need to know something about the ecology and conservation status of your species. Time to do some background research! To answer the following questions, you will need … Read more


Problem 2 (35%) – File: Bank. xlsx Community Bank would like to increase the number of customers who use payroll deposit. Management is considering a new sales campaign that will require each branch manager to call each customer who does not currently use payoff direct deposit. As an incentive to sign up for payroll direct … Read more


  Problem 1 (35 % marks) File: MALL. XLS A national chain of women’s clothing stores with locations in the large shopping malls thinks that it can do a better job of planning more renovations and expansions if it understands what variables impact sales. It plans a small pilot study on stores in 25 different … Read more