PICO question quantitative research article

  Choose a topic from the topic list on the attached instructions. Write a PICO question that relates to your topic. Find a quantitative nursing research article. Make sure that it is  actually nursing research. You may not use any of the following: A retrospective study A mixed methods study A qualitative research article A … Read more

Research Methods

Using the topic you chose (will share after accepting the bid), create a research design that would utilize qualitative research methods. Be specific in the type of design you will use (phenomenology, case study, or grounded theory). Include the following in your design: A problem statement A purpose statement 2 to 5 research questions (Make … Read more


  You are a Business Analyst working for the ABC Ball Bearing company. An hour ago, you sent an order of 74 boxes of your A1 ball bearings to a customer on your delivery truck.  You have just found out that your truck is going to go over a bridge that has a weight limit … Read more

DB #2

   Discussion Assignment Instructions DUE: by 11am Tuesday May 17, 2022. NO LATE WORK! Thread Survey research has become an important component of the public agency data analyst’s toolbox. Explain how survey research has been used to support and analyze policy decisions by Criminal Justice administrators. Instructions You will post a thread presenting your scholarly … Read more


INSTRUCTIONS: Search for a quantitative research article from an academic or professional journal related to the discipline of criminal justice or the field of social sciences and complete the following activity: Note: The article must contain in its methodology the statistical analyzes carried out in the investigation. 1. In the methodology part of the quantitative … Read more