Suggest one key strategy that managers may use to combat workplace stress productively in today’s work environment based on research you conducted this week. Provide support for your strategy. 

stress preventions

  Identify your life stressors (sources of stress).Describe and explain how you currently manage your stress. Explain the strategies and techniques that you will use to reduce and prevent stress in the following dimensions of life:       o Personal       o Professional       o Financial       o Social       o Cultural … Read more

Families in Transition and Crisis

  Create a digital of 15-20 slides that would be used in a teacher in-service about families in crisis, in transition, and in abusive/neglectful situations.  include the following: At least 8-10 situations educators might encounter with students and their families, and possible ways to respond to those situations both in and out of the classroom. … Read more

D3 – Stress

Understanding Individual Behavior   Why do you think workplace stress is skyrocketing? Do you think it is a trend that will continue? Explain the reasons for your answer. Do you think it is the responsibility of managers and organizations to help employees manage stress? Why or why not?   This discussion forum will be graded as follows: … Read more

Stress management techniques part 1

Music- Find a piece or two of instrumental or acoustic music. Ideally the music should be slow in tempo and enjoyable to listen to. Find a quiet place and listen to your music. you should be alone and not working on anything else.   After you do this for 30 mins discuss the details? Discuss … Read more

discussion one and two

discussion 1:Why do you think there is so much stigma associated with mental health problems?  What contributes to individuals having negative feelings towards getting help for mental health problems?  What do you feel would be effective strategies to help overcome the stigma associated with mental health issues? discussion 2;What causes you stress or anxiety? Why … Read more


Week 3 Stress Reduction Assignment Name: ______________________________________ Using your computer or phone, find stress reduction videos that appeal to you. Cite them at the bottom of the page after the SMART goal. Write which stress reduction methods you will use to manage job and life stress, why you picked those, and when you will start … Read more

Stress Management Techniques Part 1

Using music therapy why is it considered effective for stress management. a brief discussion on the history of the therapy or technique. Examples of the therapy or technique in practice  Qualifications required to provide the therapy or technique  Include 2 peer- reviewed journal articles as references. 800 words

Theories, of stress and stress management

Choose a detailed study of “fear”  1. how it originates, the body’s physiological response to the emotion and behaviorAl ways in which the emotion is expresse. How the emotion relates to the stress response 2. Discuss the ways in which people tend to cope with fear. Describe the healthy and unhealthy methods for coping with … Read more