9. Please describe a situation in which you had to “think on your feet” and respond quickly to a difficult or sensitive issue. What was the outcome? Would you do anything differently? If so, why?  


 Case: DS is a 38 y/o female who presents to the clinic complaining of continuous coughing and difficulty breathing. Her medical history includes mild hypertension and obesity. She had a minor surgical procedure on her right eye five days ago and sinus surgery eight months ago.  What questions will you ask of DS to develop … Read more


 Read EACH Students Response Provide THREE references to support your answer to the student I dont care of you use the same references to respond to all three students but each answer MUST have three PEER REVIEWED references to support your response on if you agree or dont agree with the students answer to this … Read more

Reflection 2

1.  Make full Discussion and explain the terminology and concepts of the following 3 topics under women and gender studies. 1. sex, gender and bodies 2. gendered identities 3. media influence on women 2.  Explain and discuss why you find the topic below interesting and how the concept apply to our current environment and/or personal … Read more

human resources2

   Presentation Four: The Research Process & Choosing a Topic ([email protected][email protected]/new_tab) Presentation Five: Types of Sources ([email protected][email protected]/new_tab) Presentation Six: Search Strategies & Techniques ([email protected][email protected]/new_tab) Presentation Seven: Evaluating Information  ([email protected][email protected]/new_tab) Presentation Eight: Ready to Shine! ([email protected][email protected]/new_tab)

Mental Health Nursing

  The nurse-client relationship and the use of therapeutic communication as an important part of that relationship. Please answer the following questions: What are your concerns or fears about mental health nursing in general? Are you interested in mental health nursing, or do you approach the topic with some anxiety? What do you feel are … Read more

Hot Sheet

 Create a 1-page “hot sheet” of resources, approach(es), and important notes to take with you for use in mental health crisis response. Also list three or four self-care activities you will use to destress and rejuvenate after responding to crisis situations. This sheet should be small enough to carry in your wallet, purse, or digitally … Read more


WEEK 7 DISCUSSION QUESTION  Share your thoughts and opinions about safe online environments in this week’s discussion. Is freedom of speech more or less important than providing a safe online environment? Provide examples from your experience to support your claim.  WEEK 8 DISCUSSION QUESTION  Share your thoughts and opinions on the future of music, newspaper, … Read more

200 words

 In a fully developed paragraph (approximately 200 words), write about how this activity would assist a student in understanding multisyllabic words encountered in reading.   activity:

2 paragraph comment

2-paragraph original comment about each question below with at least two in-text citations (from textbook and/or online resource): 1. Planning is an essential component of classroom assessment. Describe what the assessment planning process entails. 2. After watching the video: Formative Assessment: Using feedback to Guide Instruction, describe the early assessment and instructional assessments the teacher … Read more