Passionate Travel in Kenya

   Kenya is a destination that offers a wide range of unique and exciting travel experiences for passionate travellers. Here are some ideas for passionate travel in Kenya: Wildlife Safaris: Kenya is renowned for its wildlife and offers some of the best wildlife safaris in Africa. You can witness the annual wildebeest migration in the … Read more

Corporate Philanthropy Discussion

As you may know, there is a lot of controversy surrounding corporate philanthropy and non-profit organizations in today’s economy. Several organizations and/or individuals are being accused or actually convicted of embezzlement, money laundering, etc. by taking money from non-profit organizations and putting them into personal funds or hiding money from illegal activities in non-profit funds. Do you think this … Read more


What are major problems in the destination that need to be addressed? These are major global issues like health threats, environmental disasters, political unrest, global warming or other factors that influence the destination in terms of tourism (think Florida and sea level rise, covid we also had zika, etc) The destination is BAHAMAS  APA 6 … Read more


China, US and Italy three different countries under covid-19 Covid-19 policy of these three countries of Social: Mental health, depression, peoples need to socialize, increase use of online video chatting platforms, the tourist behavior different between before covid-19 and after covid-19 600-700 words

Impacts of Covid-19 on Tourism

China US Italy Covid-19’s Effectiveness: Did the cases decrease? Did the Covid spread to other cities? Decrease in hospitalisations? Deaths? The policy of red yellow green countries? find the effectiveness in those three country, see their different reactions, answer those questions 


 three graphs, and 8 references  Topic: Human resources: low wages, turnover Should identify what are the problems that affect hospitality and tourism in today’s world, and choose one of them. The choice of the one they would like to consider depends on the urgency of the problem, its impact on the industry, and the preference … Read more

Menu Planning and engineering

Create one menu trend OR menu concept and fully discuss and analyse it in light of the relevant theories. The structure of evaluating the project: 1- Create menus according to one type of restaurant, simple menu design Ideas and menu style (type of restaurant – cuisine – menu design – menu style) . (45%) 2- … Read more


Part 1 – 5% Using the city you have been assigned complete these tasks.  A) Please find 3 excellent restaurants that serve local food close to your top accommodation choice. For each restaurant – the name?  where is it located? how far from your hotel? some menu items? the ambience?  prices? Part 2 – 15% … Read more