In many classrooms with students with severe disabilities, there may be a paraprofessional in the classroom. Read the attached guide After you have reviewed the guide, answer the following questions using the attached template, Identify and list the role of a paraprofessional in the following classroom-related matters (10 points) IEP Lesson Planning Lesson Implementation Evaluation … Read more

PD training

  Choose a topic from the course to conduct a 45 minute to an hour training for your institution. Think about where the institution is in their character journey and what topic would take the institution to the next level with training.  Include a detailed agenda, slides, handouts, any documents, evaluations, etc… that will be … Read more

Professional development

At this point, you will have completed the mock interview with your Career Coach that you scheduled in Unit 3.  Your Career Coach has provided you with valuable feedback on your performance. To complete this assignment: Download, complete, upload, and submit the Unit 7 interview worksheet. Unit 7 Interview Improvement Plan Worksheet Optional – you … Read more

Professional development

There are many different approaches you can use in your job search. The best approach for you may not be the best for others looking for a job. Analyze your career goals and current professional situation, and consider the approach you think will work for you.    Download, complete, upload, and submit the Unit 6 … Read more

Business Communication Read the article from the link first. Don’t forget to review the Wall  Street Journal article on publishing false numbers (located in the  link).   Links to an external site. For this assignment you will write a two to three page, single spaced  paper, in 12 point font, Times New Roman to address the … Read more

Delegation Discussion

After reading Chapters 19 and 20, please read the following scenario and respond to the questions with rationale from the textbook and/or other readings or references. It is worth 7.5% of your grade and it does have to be in APA format with at least 2 scholarly references (within 5 years) in APA format. Your … Read more

Ethics: Leaky Records Division

If all of these matters fitted together perfectly, or if ethical considerations were clear in all cases, we probably wouldn’t have a class addressing the matter. What is important, and what you will receive the most credit for, is your analysis of the situation and the facts surrounding it. the purposes of this, the rules, … Read more

Case problem

  Read: Case Problem “NIO: Battling Tesla with Battery as a Service” by Bhattacherya, S., and Bhattacherya, L., SMU108, 2021-12-12 Prepare a Managerial Report* structured as follows: Task 1-1: Structure and present your paper as a Managerial Report, with a cover page, table of content, executive summary, main body, and appendices. Expected length of Assignment … Read more


write response with your original ideas to each author These responses must reflect critical thinking. Using evidence to support your reasoning, provide commentary responding to peer insights. This may include agreeing, disagreeing, or adding additional insights or considerations. In either case, you should bring in reasoning or ideas not addressed by the author.  Each response … Read more